Thursday, 2 February 2012

Discover summer skin without the risk!

My first post is going to be about two of my all time favourite beauty must haves. If you're a fair skinned diva like myself, you understand the hardships brought on by summer each year - pastiness, out in full view, next to bronze goddesses. No more long sleeves and pants to hide behind! Even for those of us (like myself) who have come to accept (and even feel fond of) our milky complexions, it sometimes feels good to get a nice glow on during the summer months.

Beyond appearances, it is no secret by now that the sun causes damage to all skin types. Skin cancers are showing up more frequently in young women due to excessive sun exposure.


How about two easy to use, tried and true self-tanners that look like the real deal!

Here are two of the best (in my humble opinion) self tanning products on the market.

Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Mist Airbrush Color

I almost hate to give away this secret. I hoard this stuff! It occupies an entire shelf in my hall closet. This is an airbrush tanning spray the goes on flawlessly. It rarely (almost never) leaves streaks. The colour is fabulous - no trace of orange. Takes a few hours to start to show up. I find it is best to put it on at night in order to see if the next day. I have never found it to leave stains on my clothing or bed sheets (and I use white linens!) This stuff is a pale-girl-in-the-summer's best friend! Another major bonus: The fragrance is light, refreshing, and actually rather pleasant! Note: I usually apply this outdoors, as it is a spray (not a lotion).

Where do I find it? TARGET ( or a trip across the border for us Canadians)
How much? - $6.49

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Flawless Airbrush Instant Bronze Body Spray

Now, this little tanning gem is wonderful in a pinch. Have a big event in an hour? Forgot to apply self-tanner ahead of time? Don't want to be glow-in-the-dark? This stuff will do the trick. It works like body paint. Spray on and use your hands to rub in and spread out the "tan". It require a few coats to get it just right, and you have to have a friend or loved one give you a once-over look to make sure there are no streaks. However, with a little effort, you are close-up and summer night ready - in a hurry!

Where do I find it? Victoria's Secret (in store, or at - Canadian delivery!)
How much is it? $12.00

Now, with these two amazing self-tanning products in her arsenal, the pale skinned princess will never have to fear summer again! Girlies of all skin types - stay safe, healthy and out of the sun - and still look like a sun-kissed goddess.


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