Monday, 6 February 2012

Cupcakes on their way out?

As the cupcake hype begins to plateau, foodies everywhere are wondering....what will be the next trendy sweet treat? Is there anything that has the charm, decadence and portability to rival the popularity of the cupcake?

Here are a couple of the possible up-and-comers to watch...and taste! :)

Parisian (French) Macarons

These divine little confections have been gaining popularity in recent times, and have even made appearances on television shows, such as Gossip Girl. Although most of us associate the word "macaroon" with coconut, French Macarons, in fact, are not made with coconut. Originating in France, these little cookies are basically two almond meringues, with assorted fillings (buttercream, fruit curds, ganache etc.) They are crunchy on the outside, with a chewy centre. They are whimsical, colourful and delicious, but critics suggest that their unfamiliarity, and the fact that they are very difficult to make, might prevent them from achieving the same level of popularity that the cupcake has enjoyed.

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Pies, on the other hand, have something different to offer. They are comfortable. Like cupcakes, they remind us of our childhoods. They are easy to make. They are familiar. Bakeries and restaurants from New York to San Francisco, Toronto to Vancouver, are putting this favourite dessert back on their menus. Places like "The Pie Shack" in Toronto ( are devoted to pies, and are offering up fresh creations daily. Although they are generally not as small and "portable" as the cupcake, there are ways around this. Some places are offering up slices in to-go containers, while others are creating mini pies that you can take and eat in just a couple of bites.

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What is your opinion? Will either of these desserts have the staying power of the cupcake? Try both and let me know your thoughts!

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